What Are The Most Beautiful Sarees In India?

Sarees In India

Indian culture and customs are the oldest in the world because Indian civilization dates back as far as 4,500 years ago. Indian culture is now well known throughout the world.

Greetings to languages are highly traditional in Indian culture. Especially Indians follow traditional clothing which is liked by most people in the world.

Indian dresses for women are incredibly distinctive, notably the Indian silk sarees that are worn on all important Indian occasions. And it gives women glossy beauty. Every Indian woman, regardless of her age, enjoys wearing a saree for special occasions.

The only dress that most people adore, despite how frequently fashion changes, is the saree. Every state in India offers the most exquisite silk sarees.

Please have a look at the part below if you want to discover which sarees in India are the most gorgeous.

Here Are Five Most Authentic Sarees In India:

1. Banarasi Saree

The Banarasi sarees are made in Varanasi in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. They are traditional sarees, and the rich embroidered work makes them very heavy. And they are the ideal attire for all celebrations, weddings, and festivals.

Banarasi Saree

This saree is produced in four different materials: organza, georgette, shatter, and pure silk. Further, the sarees are categorized as Tissue, Butidar, Cutwork, Tanchoi, and Jnagal.

A saree typically takes a weaver 25 to 30 days to finish. Every north Indian bride’s favorite saree is a Banarasi, and these sarees are exported to more than 200 nations worldwide.

2. Chanderi Saree

One of the sarees that every woman should own is a Chanderi saree. The ancient cloth known as the saree is distinguished by its light, translucent texture, and delicate, opulent feel.

They are created of traditional cotton yarn and silk embellished with golden Zari. The Madhya Pradesh town of Chanderi is where the saree earned its name.

Further, sarees can be divided into three categories: pure silk, Chanderi silk cotton, and Chanderi cotton. The Chanderi cloth has held a prominent position in the Indian handloom industry since ancient times.

3. Bandhani Saree

One of the nicest Indian silk sarees that everyone in India would adore wearing is the Gujarati Bandhani sarees. It is the ideal dress for all kinds of events, both big and small.

Bandhani Saree

Additionally, wearing it is more comfortable. The saree is light and flowy, making it simpler to manage and preserve. The sarees come in a variety of colors and textures as well. Also, the price range is something that won’t let you look the other way.

4. Kanjivaram Silk saree

One of the most well-liked fabrics for sarees in South India is Kanjeevaram silk. The village of Kanchipuram, which is in Tamil Nadu, is where Kanjeevaram derives its name. This saree is known as the Banarasi silk of South India.

Kanjivaram Silk saree

You can get this South Indian saree online whenever and wherever you like. These saris are constructed entirely of mulberry silk. The border and pallu of the Kanjeevaram silk saree are its greatest features. Because they are first woven individually and then united. These sarees are also the strongest.

The borders and pallu of the Kanjeevaram silk saree will mostly be contrasted, allowing you to quickly recognize the authentic saree. The sarees come in a variety of colors and interesting patterns.

5. Sambalpuri Saree

The Sambalpuri saree, which is produced in Western Odisha, is another of India’s most exquisite sarees. It displays a unique form of craftsmanship called Bandha, sometimes known as Bandhakala craftsmanship.

Sambalpuri Saree

The great thing about this saree is that every thread was weaved, and there is no type of machine used in the weaving process.

You may always feel comfortable in these sarees since they keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Sambalpur sarees come in five different varieties, including Pasapalli, Bomkai, Bapta, Barpali, and Patli.

Wrapping Up

You should wear one of these five stunning sarees in India for important occasions. The greatest choice for purchasing these sarees is online shopping for an Indian dress. You would appear more stylish and classic with these sarees.

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