Zoro.TO Review 2022: Description, Features, Safety, FAQs, More


People’s love for anime knows no bounds; so are the number of free anime sites. One such anime movie hub is Zoro or Zoro.To. I’m sure you have recently heard about it, which brings you here. 

So keep reading and stay tuned to us till the end to get a detailed review about it. 

What Is Zoro.To?

Let’s make the concept of the website clear to you at first. 

Zoro.to is a newly developed free anime streaming site that gives the users access to its pool of content – thousands of dubbed and subbed anime shows. The site provides you with a plethora of excellent features like seamless streaming capabilities, ultra HD quality, fast updates, and more. Apart from this, the site is ad-free and claims itself as the safest hub to watch free Anime online. 

Features Of Zoro.To You Can Enjoy

Features Of Zoro.To You Can Enjoy

Let’s see why Zoro.to is so much confidence and claims itself to be the best anime streaming site in the world:

1. Massive Content Library:

You will find a large repository of classic, popular and current animes from a myriad of genres like mystery, police, romance, horror, kids, etc. 

2. Safe Access:

Zoro.to the website is absolutely safe and secured since it’s free from malware and viruses

3. High-Quality Movies:

All the anime movies are of high quality and in the best resolution. You will also get a quality adjustment function for making sure the users can enjoy speedy streaming irrespective of the internet speed.

4. Good Streaming Experience:

In comparison to other Anime streaming websites like Animeplyx, the loading speed of Zoro is relatively faster. Also, the download speed is as smooth as the streaming speed. 

5. Regular Updates:

The Zoro.to Anime website keeps its content library up-to-date and fulfills the requirements of the audiences regularly. 

6. Device Compatibility:

Zoro.to anime website works completely fine on both desktop and mobile. We will recommend you use the desktop for a better streaming experience. 

7. Customer Care:

The customer care team of Zoro.to anime site remains active 24*7. You can contact us for any kind of query or help. 

8. Flexibility Of Subtitles

For every anime content, subtitles will be displayed in English. Also, for the best audience experience, several movies have been dubbed in different languages. 

Zoro.To App Download – Is There Any App?

Zoro.To App Download - Is There Any App

Zoro.To is a website, and it’s not yet available in application format. Nevertheless, since the site is Chromecast supported as well as mobile-friendly, there’s no need for Zoro.to app download. The website works perfectly fine. 

Is Zoro.To Safe?

Is Zoro.To Safe

If you are looking for the answer to “ is Zoro.to safe? ” then be assured that it’s a safe website. They don’t allow any ads, and you can stream without any registration or fee payment. So there is no question of viruses or malware. 

Is Zoro.To Legal

Yes, the website is quite safe, and you won’t encounter issues regarding using it, the free content library available is unpaid. These are pirated and definitely illegal. So, you must turn on a strong VPN before streaming Anime on it. 

So the answer to “ Is Zoro.To Legal? ” is No, it’s not.  

Alternative Sites Like Zoro

In case you want to use more reputed anime websites, here is a list of substitutes for Zoro:

  • 9anime.to: It’s best for free new and old Anime streaming 
  • Gogoanime.io: It’s a top-rated website for free anime streaming
  • AnimeFreak: Another free and safe anime streaming site on your bucket list. 
  • Funimation: It’s a great site for accessing premium original anime content legally. Wanna watch Overflow anime? This is the perfect destination. 

Do You Need To Pay Any Amount?

The biggest advantage of using Zoro.To is you don’t have to pay any amount in order to watch Anime on it. Also, you do not need to register yourself anywhere. The website is completely free of charge. 

All you have to do is use the search bar and the categories, and then just start enjoying your favorite Anime.

Zoro.To Reviews

Below, there are some snapshots of real-life customer reviews of Zoro.To:

Review 1:

Review 1

Review 2:

Review 2

Review 3:

Review 3

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q1. What Is Zoro Website? 

Ans: Zoro.To is a free website to watch Anime. You can download dubbed or subbed Anime from here in ultra HD quality. The best part is that you don’t have to register yourself or pay anything to use this website.

Q2. Does Zoro To Have Ads?

Ans: Zoro.to is a new anime portal that is pretty straightforward to use and ad-free as well. This new anime portal is gradually giving tough competition to the leading websites in the market. 

Q3. Which Categories Of Anime Are Available On Zoro?

Ans: The top categories on Zoro include:  
⦿ One PieceSpy x FamilyNaruto: ShippudenJujutsu Kaisen 0 MovieBoruto: Naruto Next ⦿ GenerationsNarutoBlack CloverJujutsu Kaisen (TV)BleachDemon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Q4. Where Can I Watch Anime For Free?

Ans: Some of the best websites to watch free Anime apart from Zoro.To include:
⦿ 9anime.to
⦿ Gogoanime.io
⦿b Chia-Anime
⦿ AnimeDao
⦿ Funimation

Our Verdict – Is Zoro.To Safe To Use In 2022?

Zoro appears to be a legitimate and safe website to use rather than a scam. I am recommending it to ardent anime lovers like you. 

Positive Points

  • The SSL certificate is legitimate, according to Xolphin SSL Check.
  • This website received mostly good feedback.
  • Trend Micro recommends this website.

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