How To Handle Being Falsely Accused Of A Crime

Falsely Accused

Yes, you are nervous and totally confused about what to do!

It is unbelievably scary to be falsely accused of a crime which you haven’t committed. We are not talking about being on a suspect list; it is about interrogations in the presence of an attorney and an arrest.

If you haven’t been exculpated yet due to a lack of evidence against you, then you have to seek bail. Luckily, if you are granted bail because the accused crime was not that severe, then you are looking at a lawsuit.

These things can completely disrupt the working of mundane life and make us more nervous and exhausted.

However, it won’t be difficult if we stick to the narrative and have enough evidence proving us against the crime. If you are wondering what you should do?

Then remember, you are innocent, and now read the excerpt below.

Are You Scared You Might Get Falsely Accused?

If you are someone who has not been falsely accused of the crime yet, but you are a prime suspect. It is understandable that you feel an arrest warrant might come at any time.

The best thing which you can do right now is know your right to absolution.

No one will be able to force you to confess anything which you haven’t done. So, get a criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

Let them teach the law to you thoroughly.

How To Handle It?

How not to panic and handle the situation properly? Here is a step by step guide to doing that.

  1. Understand The Crime & Accusation Properly
  2. Gather As Much Physical Evidence
  3. Investigate
  4. Calculate The Cost Of Defense

1. Understand The Crime & Accusation Properly

You wouldn’t be able to prove yourself innocent of a crime which you do not know much about. So, it is always better to collect all the information you can about the crime.

Where it was committed, who are the victims, who are the other suspects, etc., this will help you build an ironclad alibi.

2. Gather As Much Physical Evidence

First, hire a criminal lawyer or else you wouldn’t be able to do all of it on your own.

One criminal lawyer in Virginia, who has had much success in proving the innocence of a wrongful guilty party, has said that lawyers can collect a lot of evidence.

Evidence that you wouldn’t even know exists. You just need to trust them and help them do their job.

3. Investigate

Lawyers will also be able to personally go and speak to the victims and other eyewitnesses of the crime. Virginia Criminal Lawyers are even trained to go deep into the crime, take matters into their own hands and investigate the crime.

They represent the person in the court. Thus, it is their responsibility to do everything to prove their innocence.

4. Calculate The Cost Of Defense

The defense will cost you a fair amount. This is calculating the lawyer and all the other costs of investigation plus collecting evidence.

You should sit with your lawyer and calculate them all before proceeding with the investigation. But, remember, it is all worth your innocence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a tough situation we can understand, and you should always have as much information as you can. We have scoured some of the frequently asked questions, and A Virginia Criminal Lawyer was able to answer some of them.

1. What Are Somethings I Absolutely Shouldn’t Do?

Ans. When you are charged guilty, here are some of the things which you absolutely shouldn’t do are –

  • Try to destroy any evidence which is against you. If caught, you will be in a much tougher situation than before.
  • Have any contact with the victim. The court will see this act as you trying to manipulate them. An investigation by your personal lawyer is fine; personal connection is not.

2. How To Remain Calm When Falsely Accused?

Ans. Yes, we understand. It is a little difficult to remain calm when you are falsely accused of a crime.

Panic, anger, and fear are some of the common emotions that you will face.

Thus, remember to trust your attorney and understand as much legality as you can.

Know Your Rights!

No matter what happens, stick to your story and your ironclad alibi and do not plea bargain. Plea bargaining is literally accepting defeat, and it will go to your personal account forever.

So, Virginia Criminal Lawyers say that it is better that you simply trust your lawyer and get enough education about your constitutional rights.


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