How To Stay Calm When Falsely Accused Of A Crime?

Falsely Accused

It is a horrifying situation to even think about it. You get arrested, and the arrest warrant somehow shows plausible proof. Every event is back playing in your mind.

Was it something you said?

Did you overshare?

Because at the end of the day, you are innocent here. So, what are you going to do?

Well, not getting panicked would be step number one. Step number two would be to understand ‘Pleading the 5th.’ This means no officer of law and order can incriminate you by saying or confessing anything which will be harmful to you in this case.

Yes, you don’t have to answer everything you are asked, and you have every right to remain silent. Call for a Phoenix Criminal Lawyer if you are illegally being incriminated to confess.

How To Stay Calm

Now, let us be honest. When we do not know what we will be dealing with after being accused. Whether we will be tried, or we will simply be put in place and asked question after question.

What if they are able to prove somehow whether I will be sentenced to death or a life sentence?

With all these questions looming in your head, it is almost impossible to stay calm. So, how can you channel level-headedness? Well, for someone who doesn’t know the law that well, panicking is common. So, here is what you should start with.

1. Call A Lawyer

Remember how we said, not knowing the law can give rise to multiple anticipations. No matter what crime you are accused of, you always have the right to an attorney. Contact a Phoenix Criminal Lawyer right away to get the legal help you want.

They will be able to tell you all your legal rights and then help to ease your panic a little. They can prevent you from saying or doing things that can be harmful to your case. Some criminal lawyers are experts to even investigate the case on your behalf.

2. Understand Your Rights Thoroughly

If you are tired, you will need to learn some of the courtroom laws. This is when you have to sit and answer questions in front of the judge and jury. Panic is an understatement for someone who has been falsely accused.

However, with the help of a lawyer, you will get mental support. They will be able to teach you all the lawful etiquettes of the courtroom and give you a briefing on your rights.

Yes, even in the courtroom, you have the right to deny answering a question.

3. Do Not Contact Anyone From The Other Side

Since you are innocent, you are more likely to be tempted to contact the opposite party. If someone has filed a criminal case against you, if they just withdraw the case, everything will be alright.

However, most of the time, that is not the case. For them, you are the accused party unless you are proven innocent. Yes, it sounds harsh, but the best thing you can do is not contact anyone on the other side.

4. Do Not Destroy Evidence

Yes, it is jarring to see all the evidence collected against you. This is the time when your mind will start playing tricks on you. You will start recollecting all the other ‘evidences’ which might prove against you.

However, destroying this evidence is never a good idea. Rather collecting more evidence that will help you build your case is more efficient.

5. Help Your Attorney To Find Evidence

Your criminal attorney will be of great assistance, but you can also help them. It is important to be transparent with your attorney and give them unknown details about the chain of events.

If your attorney is still fighting for your bail, then you can tell them about the places they can visit and people they can talk to. Everything which can prove your innocence.

Just Being Innocent Is Not Enough!

Just being innocent is not enough; you need to work towards proving it. Before you call your attorney, understand that this is going to be a costly affair. Yes, it is unfortunate. However, nothing is more important than walking out as a free person with your innocence.

So, do not panic, and do not shout out your innocence. Make them believe, and call your attorney today.


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