Is Softonic Safe And Secure To Download Games?

Is Softonic Safe And Secure To Download Games

You can download various types of software from the Internet. Whether they are from the developers’ official site or other third-party websites, you can download software from various websites. If you want to avoid going to different websites to download apps, try Softonic. However, is Softonic safe?

Softonic is a website that makes it easy for you to download various software, all from one platform. However, since it allows you to download apps for free, it’s common for people to question its authenticity and security.

That’s what I am here to find out – is enSoftonic safe or not? Read on to find out more.

What Is Softonic?

What Is Softonic

Softonic is a pretty old website that has been around for decades. It was first launched by two California-based Hispanic university students back in 1997. Since then, it has remained truthful to its mission of providing free applications and various software – all from one place. 

Since then, millions of people have used this website daily to download various applications and games for free. This is why most Softonic reviews have been positive so far. 

As previously said, millions of people utilize Softonic to get their hands on free games, software, apps, movies, and much more. Records estimate that it gets approximately 100 million website visits with 4 million monthly downloads. This is because Softonic has applications for various platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and more.

How Does Softonic Work?

How Does Softonic Work

To understand whether is Softonic safe or not, you must learn how the website works. 

It’s easy to download safely from Softonic. All you need to do is go to the website and search for the application you want. Then check the search results to see if that app is available. If it’s available, then hit the download button near it! In addition, you can also search for the software categories by sorting through the software categories.

You will mostly get all kinds of applications and games on this site. All these are also from various operating systems. However, you will mostly get Windows and Android applications here.

However, it’s important to understand that not all software on this website is free. You can constantly download free software (like Facebook, WhatsApp, VLC Media Player, etc.) from this site. 

However, you can download a free trial version or paid applications (like Adobe Photoshop). Then, you can go to the application’s website and download the premium version after your trial period ends. Additionally, you can click on the Buy option near premium software in Softonic to buy them directly.

Is Softonic Safe For Users?

Is Softonic Safe For Users

Is Softonic safe for all users?

This is a tricky question now since there have been many controversies surrounding Softonic. The most infamous controversy that “is Softonic safe” faced was in 2013 after the release of the Softonic Downloader.

The Softonic Downloader was an application that was released in 2013 to act as the Softonic app. It allowed users to directly download the software through the application rather than from the main website.

However, millions of application users reported that it was plagued with many viruses and malware. Therefore, ascertaining whether the Softonic downloader safe or not became crucial back then. However, due to its multitude of security concerns, the app was discontinued in 2015. 

To understand whether “is Softonic safe” or not, I have run several downloaded apps through various antivirus software. I have used antivirus software like Google Safety, Norton Security, and Kaspersky.

Therefore, I downloaded some lesser-known apps to check the integrity of all the files downloaded from Softonic. This is because these apps are most likely to contain viruses and malware.

I downloaded the latest version of various Windows and Android apps. Here, I was surprised to find out that people can rate the apps and leave comments and reviews about them. Therefore, if you wonder is Up to down safe or is Tiny Task safe, you can simply check the user comments at the bottom of the app page!

Why Is Softonic Safe For Downloading Games?

Why Is Softonic Safe For Downloading Games

Apart from using Softonic free music download, you can also download various games and applications for free. However, is Softonic safe to do so?

There are various reasons why Softonic is safer than most websites. The reasons are:

1. It Is Trusted By WOT

Softonic is trusted by the Web Of Trust (WOT) browser plugin. This plugin uses various security algorithms to verify the safety of a website. 

After installing this plugin on my computer, I was surprised by the “trustworthy rating” that it gave Softonic. This website has a trustworthy score of 85, which is pretty impressive. Therefore, the answer to is Softonic safe by WOT is Yes!

2. It Passes The Google Safety Trust

Google has launched a new function to ensure that the websites you visit are safe with no malware. Known as Google Safe Browsing, Google will scan all sites that you visit through Google Search. Here, if malware is detected, Google will divert your connection, and it will be flagged as Insecure.

Here, Softonic was not flagged as insecure. Hence, you can say yes to “Is Softonic Safe?” However, you cannot say the same for 

Is Softonic Legal

Seeing the nature of Softonic allowing you to download applications and games for free, you might question its legality. Therefore, is softonic legit or not?

The answer is – Softonic is 100% legal. 

This answer can be summed up in one statement – the site has existed for more than 25 years. It has never been taken down to the date and has never used proxy addresses like

In addition, you can download free applications from here. For paid applications, you can download its free trial versions. Therefore, unlike Torrent sites, the site doesn’t host free “cracked” versions of any paid software. 

Plus, you don’t need to register on the website or even pay to download files. Therefore, they are not ripping you off by charging you for free software. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-

The answers to questions related is Softonic safe or not are:

Q1. Do I Need To Create An Account In Softonic?

Ans: No, you can create an account in Softonic. If you wish to download files, no registration is required. Simply enter the website and download as many files as you want!

Q2. Can You Softonic Free Music Download?

Ans: No, you cannot download free music from Softonic. This website only has various applications and games for you to download for free.

Q3. How Many Files Can You Download From Softonic At The Same Time?

Ans: There are no maximum limits to the number of downloads you can make from Softonic. However, the more you download simultaneously, the slower the download speed gets.

Final Verdict – Is Softonic Safe?

So, is Softonic safe?

The answer is 100% Yes!

The primary reason Softonic is safe is that the site hosts free applications for download. Unfortunately, unlike Torrent sites, it doesn’t provide links to download premium software for free. Additionally, the site has been around for 25 years, improving its quality and security significantly.
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