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mp3 to text converter online free

It is a very daunting task to transcribe your mp3 files into texts (for those who are not too tech savvy). For instance, you may have recorded your college lectures, and now you want them in written form. It is impossible to write down hours-long lectures. 

mp3 to text converter online free tools help you cut down the time and transcribe all of your mp3 files into texts. All you need to do is upload your mp3 file, and the app will automatically transcribe it for you.

These apps have both personal and professional usage. So, whether you are a student or a professional individual, you can use these tools to transcribe your mp3 files into texts.

Using these tools, you can transcribe the lyrics of a song; you can create written evidence and documents of audio files with ease and within a short time.  

However, these apps are often paid apps; but don’t worry, I have listed only the free ones.

Best Mp3 To Text Converter Online Free

When looking for these apps, I tried to ensure that they offer the best quality service for free. These apps also offer options for editing the texts that you create. If you are transcribing a song, you have the opportunity to edit the lyrics and create flawless lyrics. 

If you are looking for an mp3 to text converter online free, then you need to check this tool. It is free, and you can use it online without installing any app.

The online app offers automatic and manual transcription. 

You can transcribe mp3, mp4, m4a, AAC, and other formats into texts. So all you need to do is upload your mp3 file, transcribe it to text and import the text file after editing it as per your need. This app is free, but paid versions offer more features and facilities. 

Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe 

Happy scribe is another mp3 to text converter software free online, allowing you to transcribe your songs for free. Again, this is a free tool, and all you need is to follow three steps to transcribe your mp3 file. 

Just upload your file, transcribe, edit, and download the text. The app supports 60 different languages. They offer accurate transcription for free. However, if you use the paid version, you will get 99% accuracy in transcription. You can export your text in TXT, DOCX, PDF, and HTML formats



There are many mp3 to text converter online free apps. But this one is among the best options you will ever find. You have both automated and manual transcription options available. In addition, you can generate mp3 to text and also create subtitles. 

The app is online and free. Their service is available 24 hours. There are 100 plus language options available. You can export your text in .txt, .srt, .json, .docx (Word), and several other formats. 

360 Converter

360 Converter

If you are looking for an mp3 file to text converter online free app online, then a 360 converter is another option you can look at. You can upload and transcribe local files, cloud files, and online mp3 files quickly. 

You can also transcribe your video files and import the text in text, Microsoft doc file, and pdf file. There are 12 language options available here. The app is free and helps you transcribe with accuracy. 



If you are a marketer, journalist, or any other professional individual, you will enjoy using the Vocalmatic mp3 to text converter app. You can upload MP3, WMA, and WAV files and transcribe them into texts.

There are 110 language options available. The playback control features come in handy; there is also an online text editing feature available. You can import your text into word or text formats. 

Looking for the best mp3 audio to text converter online free? I guess you haven’t used This tool also allows you to automatically transcribe mp3 into texts. In addition, you can transcribe file formats like FLAC, MOV, OGG, MP3, WAV, MP4, and MTS into text using

You don’t need to pay or register for the app to use their services. Also, a massive number of 100 languages are available on this app.

If you are looking for 99% accuracy in transcribing, you need to use It is another mp3 to text converter online free app offering easy transcription. MP3, WMA, W4A, and MOV formats are supported on this platform. 

You can connect your ZOOM meeting account to this app and automatically convert the recordings easily on the app. 

Queen lets you transcribe in popular languages like English, Spanish, German, Korean, Turkish, etc. 

Virtual Speech

Virtual Speech

Virtual Speech is an mp3 to text free online converter if you need to transcribe short mp3 files very quickly. The app is free for mp3 files below 60 seconds duration. You can convert MP3, OGG, and WAV files using this app. 

The app supports a couple of languages. Also, the website is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption. 



If you are looking for an mp3 to text converter online free with no file size limit, then you need to check Gotranscribe. You can transcribe files up to the size of 4 GB. There is a review option to check your transcriptions before downloading them.  

You can export your text in Word, PDF, SubRip, and WebVTT formats. The app is free and offers excellent and accurate transcription. 

Sonix is another mp3 converter online offering you different services like – transcription, translation, and subtitle generation. You can transcribe from any film, meetings, lectures, and interviews with ease. Also, there are 40 language options available. 

The tool is compatible with Zoom, Adobe Premiere, and some other tools. You can also import your text in various file formats. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

If you are looking for any more answers related to these tools, then the following questions and their answers may help you–

Q1. How Do I Convert Mp3 To Text For Free? 

Ans: First, you need to choose a free mp3 to text converter app. Then you need to follow these steps–
⦿ Upload your mp3 file to the website 
⦿ Then automatically transcribe it into text.
⦿ Review and edit the text
⦿ Import the text in the text format you need it in.

Q2. Can You Convert Mp3 To Text?

Ans: Yes, there are many free mp3 to text converter online apps to help you convert your mp3 into text. You can choose from these recommendations-
⦿ Happy Scribe
⦿ AmberScrript 

Q3. Is There A Free Program That Converts Audio To Text?

Ans: There are many free programs to convert audio into text. You can convert any mp3 or audio file into a text using these apps–
⦿ Happy Scribe
⦿ AmberScrript 

Bottom Line 

You will find many paid mp3 to text converters. But I will recommend using the free ones. These apps help you convert, transcribe, translate and generate subtitles for your mp3 and video files.

You can choose from any of the ten recommendations I have in this article. Happyscribe,, and AmberScript are worth checking as free online apps for mp3 to text conversion.

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