Seoul Crowd Made Disaster As 154 People Left Dead, Authorities Started Investigating

Seoul Crowd Made Disaster

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The Halloween festival took place in the Itaewon district in Seoul, South Korea. But the crowd injured and killed so many people. The number of deaths rose to 154.

The South Korean authorities have started investigating the fact that nearly 154 partygoers have been killed in by the Halloween crowd. The officials are trying to understand how the crush took place. There were 26 different foreign people among the deaths. The US embassy has confirmed that two people are US citizens. Also, other embassies have confirmed that there were victims from their countries too. 

The reason is still unclear how this kind of accident happened. According to the witnesses, the partygoers were forced to move into the narrow streets of the district of Itaewon. People were enjoying the first Halloween after the Covid-19 restrictions were lifted. As of now, 150 victims have been identified. There are around 56 men and 97 women- according to South Korea’s Interior and Safety Ministry. 

The ministry also confirmed that 133 people had been injured, and there are 37 serious injuries among them. The Education Ministry of South Korea said six school students were among the dead. A 27-year-old lady, Emily Farmer, said, “There were rows and rows of people with tarps covering them in the street. A dangerous situation in the area. It was horrible and not everyone died instantly. They were still pulling people because it was so crowded.”

Around 10:24, the authorities started to take action after the first emergency call. But as social media posts show that the crowd was waiting for medical assistance. There were victims from different nationalities, such as the US, France, China, Thailand, Iran, Japan, Sri Lanka, Australia, Norway, and others. The government will mourn and give respect to the victims in November, confirmed by the Prime Minister Han Duck-soo.

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