300 Wipro Employees Lose Their Job Over Moonlighting

Wipro Employees Lose Their Job

The executive chairman of Wipro, Rishad Premji, has revealed that the company has fired 300 employees who were moonlighting. According to the statement of Rishad Premji on Wednesday, the employees of Wipro were working for Wipro’s competitors in the industry while working for Wipro simultaneously.

He revealed it during his speech at AIMA’s National Management Convention held in Delhi. Premji stood by his recent comment on Twitter about Moonlighting, where he stated that moonlighting by employees is an act of cheating. 

Especially in the tech industry, Moonlighting is a complete violation of integrity. Furthermore, it violates an employee’s morals, and as a result, Wipro had to fire the 300 employees who were found working for the company’s competitors simultaneously. 

Moonlighting is a pressing matter for many tech industries. According to them, it is a major concern for the tech industry. Employees who take up other jobs while working for a company are said to be practicing moonlighting. The trend of moonlighting started due to the recent remote work trend following the covid pandemic. 

Different tech companies take it as a potential for conflict of interest, data breaches of organizations, and the theft of intellectual properties of the industries. 

Premji explained on Wednesday, saying –

“The definition of moonlighting itself is about having another job secretively. As part of transparency, individuals can have candid conversations about playing in a band or working on a project over the weekend,” 

Wipro has yet to confirm if they are taking any further legal actions against the employees who were fired. They also have not explained how they discovered the employees’ act of moonlighting.

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