Things Not To Do After A DUI

Things Not To Do After A DUI
Things Not To Do After A DUI

Being pulled out for a DUI is not an ideal situation. Especially when you just had one glass, you were dreading the drive and then anticipating the cops to hold you, and exactly that is what happens.

What do you do then? Well, it is not a matter of question.

It is a matter of preparation. Whether you are perusing through this article because you are an overthinker and wish to prepare yourself. Or, unfortunately, you just caught yourself in this uncomfortable situation.

Well, fortunately, you have reached the right place. In this excerpt below, we will discuss what you shouldn’t do when you do after a DUI.

Mistakes To Avoid After A DUI

According to a DUI lawyer in DC, here are some of the common mistakes individuals make after a DUI case, and you should avoid them at any cost.

1. Not Have The Paperwork Ready

This is your license and registration. First thing first, no matter the case, you should always have these items with you at all times. Now, if you are caught in a DUI, hand over this paperwork first.

This is to ensure that the car legally belongs to you and you have acquired this car after ensuring your way through all the formalities. One thing was sought, and now you can proceed to the next part.

2. Thinking You Can Do It On Your Own

Thinking that you can get out of a DUI all on your own is a mistake. It is not just about the legal help, which you most surely require, but also a support system. You have just been caught under a DUI, you are already panicking, and now if you do not have legal help who knows what to do in these situations, then it is difficult for you.

They will be able to tell you what to do and what not to do. Plus, prevent you from making a grave mistake that might be used against you in a court of law. You can contact this DUI lawyer in DC.

3. Not Being Polite

If you are planning to get out of this, remember impoliteness and rudeness will not take you, anyone. When you are already somewhat intoxicated, and someone pulls you over and threatens to arrest you, they might look like the villain here.

Spoiler alert!

They are just doing their job. Therefore, practicing your intimidation, contacts, and dropping names wouldn’t be that helpful here. The best thing you can do is simply step outside the car and speak to them politely.

4. Immediately Falling Into An Argument

Falling into an argument and trying to defend yourself is essentially the first thing that comes to our mind to argue our way out of it. Yes, there might be things they are telling which make no sense, and it is irritating you, but you keep your calm.

You have already contacted the lawyer; let them come to the rescue and discuss the situation for you.

5. Participating In Field Sobriety Tests

Field sobriety tests are simple tests that are practically made to look ridiculous. They will ask you to walk in a straight line and stand on one leg for a considerable amount of time. Never believe that these tests can prove whether you drank more than the legal amount.

They generally promise to let you go once you pass these tests, but that almost never happens. So, do not fool yourself right in the middle of the street.

6. Doing A Breathalyzer

Another test option is supposed to see whether you have consumed more than the legal amount. We will repeat this again; other than chemical testing, there is nothing that can give an accurate estimation.

Do not fall prey to the promise of being let go, and wait for your lawyer. Refuse these tests; you have a right to.

Be Sensible & Level Headed!

Be more level-headed, and when your lawyer arrives, ask them to take evidence. Take photo evidence and other things which can form the case in court. At times, the street could be the reason why you slipped or caused a minor accident. It is not always the influence, so try to gather as much evidence as yourself.

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