Abenson Reviews – How Abenson Is Changing The Lives Of Filipinos?


Do you live somewhere near Quezon city of Philippines and are looking for some trendy gadgets or appliances? I hope you must have heard about Abenson because it is truly hard to find out a Filipino who doesn’t. So if you are wondering if Abenson should be your next destination for getting modern gadgets or modern electrical appliances, then you are at the right place. 

This article is going to be a detailed review of Abenson where we will be determining how is Abseson impacting Filipinos. Furthermore, we will give a verdict on whether Abenson online should be your next “one-stop destination” for gadgets. 

So stay tuned with us and keep reading! 

Background Of Abenson

Background Of Abenson

Abenson is one of the largest countrywide retail store chains in the Philippines. With about 120+ stores all over the country, it is headquartered in Quezon City, Metro Manila. It is a highly prosperous appliance and gadget retail store that has been operating in the Phillippines for over 50+ years. 

With a medium-sized workforce, the brand is already attached to every heartbeat of Filipinos. One surprising fact about the company is that there are at present 90 sub-companies under one corporate family – Abenson Ventures, INC. The brand is now operating under the presidency of Jacqueline Q. Lim-Ong.

What Is The Type Of Customer Base At Abenson?

Customer Base At Abenson

You might be thinking now what type of customers mostly purchase from Abenson. Specifically, Abenson generally targets regular customers as well as those who purchase super cool gadgets as a hobby. Since it is the largest appliance and gadget store in the Philippines, the customer base is quite massive and ever-increasing. 

Moreover, the company has also launched “ Abenson Online Super Store ” which allows you to shop online. So for those who are busy in everyday life and do not get enough time to go to physical stores, Abenson is the only solution. I hope you have understood now which group is the target customer segment of Abenson.

How Is Abenson Changing The Lives Of Filipinos These Days?

Challenges Might Abenson Face

There is no doubt that Abenson is transforming the lives of all Filipinos. Especially during the holiday seasons, the amount of revenue it earns indicates its popularity in the entire country. The best thing about the brand is its broad range of awesome deals, which enables the customers to buy anything they want anytime.

Furthermore, recently, the online shopping system that the brand has introduced is one of its greatest initiatives. It has really changed the lifestyle of thousands of Filipinos. The internet shopping culture has eased their life notably.

The durable and sustainable products available in both offline and online stores are fulfilling the needs of customers. Consumers are not only happy and satisfied with the service of Abenson Philippines, but also they simply love the brand. This, in turn, enhances customer loyalty and brand recognition.     

What Challenges Might Abenson Face?

Despite the high performance of Abenson and good yearly turnover, Abenson is endangered by a series of challenges. These are hampering the business performance to a considerable extent. Nevertheless, the company is striving restlessly to sustain itself in both the international and domestic markets. Now without any more ado, let’s check out what challenges or business pain points do Abensons is experiencing now:

1. Lack Of Effective Internet Management 

Internet management is still a severe issue at Abensons, especially when it comes to security awareness.  

2. Difficult To Manage Internet Access

It is challenging to block the end-user access control for the websites and applications. 

 The Abenson online IT teams have not yet fully achieved stable link connectivity and are not having secured connectivity yet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can We Shop Online On Abensons?

Yes, apart from 130+ offline stores, Abenson Philippines is now available online. Also, you can shop from them on Viber and reach out to them via Facebook. Get in touch with their online shopping website through: https://www.abenson.com/ 

Q2. What Is The Contact Number Of Abenson?

Here are the contact numbers of Abenson:
Abenson Delivery:  
(02) 8811 8811
Abenson Philippines Online Sales Team
(02) 8811 8811, 09088177788, 09999906141
Customer Service 
(02) 8921-0888, 09209328523
Corporate Sales Team
(02) 8248 3233, (02) 8248 3255
Each of these teams is highly responsive and helpful. So you can call them anytime for any kind of help or queries.

Q3. Where Is Abenson Philippines Located?

The gadgets and appliance company Abenson is located in Quezon, Manilla, Philippines. It belongs to the Appliances and Electronics Stores Industry of the Phillippines. 

Q4. Is Abenson Philippines Trustworthy In Terms Of  Product Quality?   

Abenson is the largest as well as the most widely known brand in Phillippines. There are definite reasons why it is so popular among in the Appliances and Electronics Stores Industry of the country. The key reason behind this is its outstanding product quality and finest delivery service.  

The Verdict – Should You Shop From Abenson?

That’s all about Abenson – the life-changing gadgets and appliance store in the Philippines. I expect it is now clear to you how important is Abenson to Filipinos. Most of the customers of Abensons are loyal and have been to be so for a long time. Many of them cannot even think of any other store when it comes. 

Disclaimer: Dear leaders, please note that no content of this article is promotional in nature. After in-depth research of the organization Abenson, we have jotted down the information and left our viewpoint. Our main intention is to provide you with the right information to our readers in every possible way. 

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