Career Coaching: Why Is It Going To Matter In 2022?

Career Coaching

Are you one of the millions of high-flying corporate companies and professionals who have no clue what Career Coaching is all about?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. If you are someone that wants to understand how career coaching can help you develop professionally, you should read what we have to say on the topic.

Career Coaching is a relatively recent professional development that helps professionals accomplish or achieve their goals, milestones, and other positions.

For example- You are a young professional that wants to become a Team Leader in the next two years. When you opt for Career Coaching, you will be helped with the following-

  • Tips and strategies that will help you become the Team Leader within two years
  • How to grow professionally by learning some skills that are intrinsic to the position
  • Providing directions, and industry insights that can help guide you professionally

In this article, we are going to outline some of the key benefits of Career Coaching. We are going to take help from experts at LHH gulf that have helped thousands of corporate professionals with customized career coaching plans.

5 Major Benefits of Career Coaching for Professionals

In this section, we are going to outline the five major benefits career coaching can bring to your professional life-

1. Building Confidence by finding your Value-

Why should an organization hire you? While this is a relatively simple question, it carries deep implications. A career coach will be able to define your USP or value proposition that your specific qualifications, experience, and skill-sets can bring. Once someone tells you that you are a good fit, it instills confidence and enables you to stand apart from your competitors.

2. Helps with Powerful Resume Construction-

We pay online services and platforms tons of money to create a below-average resume that might not have the desired impact. By working with career coaching professionals, you will be able to build a resume that highlights your strengths. This will not only help you get spotted by your chosen recruiters but also demonstrate your professionalism, credibility, and aptitude.

3. Enables the Proper Evolution of your Career Goals and Outlines-

You might be a Junior Assistant Manager right now, but we are sure that you do not want to stay in the same position for the next three years. How do you assess when you should make the move, and what do you need to stake a claim to a position higher up in the corporate hierarchy? A career coach will help you draft your short and long-term career goals and plans.

Landing the right position is as much about possessing skills and experience, as it is about networking in the right manner. ‘I know someone that knows someone else that is looking for someone like you to fill a role, might look far-fetched, but in reality, can help you land an opportunity. The best career coaching centers actively network to establish connections.

5. Shift to a New Career Path based on your existing skills-

While you might think that with these skills, you will only be able to work in a specific niche, that necessarily might not always be the case. Career coaches can help in highlighting some other industries or options where you might be the perfect fit. This can help you diversify, seek better opportunities and discover something that you might be good at without you knowing.

Career Coaching: What you shouldn’t expect from it

First things first. A Career Coach is not your Therapist or Counsellor. In other words, they cannot help you if someone in your organization is indulging in petty politics against you.

This means that you cannot seek their help to overcome anxiety at work. For that, you need to seek professional counseling.

Secondly, if you are struggling to maintain work-life balance, or have personal problems as a result of work pressures, a career coach will not be able to help you out.

The role of a career coach is to inspire you to constantly challenge your professional capabilities. They can give you professional inputs and feedback if you miss that promotion and spell out rational reasons behind it.

A career coach can help dispel myths, and act as your professional advocate when the going gets tough. However, you will be able to see the desired results only as an individual, you are willing to put in the work.

The Bottom Line

 Successful career coaching can help give a much-needed boost to your professional life. Apart from helping you spot the best opportunities; they can help you build your confidence and allow you to face any adversary that comes your way. If you have any questions on career coaching that you would like us to address, please let us know in the comments below.

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