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Many people have java installed on their computers.  Many of them do this knowledge and some of them do so unknowingly. That does not matter much, the most essential thing here is that quite a good number of people have installed java on their computers.  However, much as they have done this, the question is java safe has come up many times.  

It is a known fact that java comes with such a poor safety record.  This means that many people who wish to install this software are cautious of this idea.  This is why many of them have continued to ask, is java safe for windows 10.  Safety keys when using any software and questions of this nature are only legitimate due to this fact.  

However, before looking into exactly what java is, it is important to look at what it is first of all. As such, it is only important that this discussion looks at exactly what java is before looking at how safe and secure it is.  This way, you will have a much better idea of what exactly java is and also look into its safety as well which is key.  

What Is Java?

What Is Java

Before looking at anything regarding java it is very important to look at what exactly java is.  This in simple terms is a programming platform that developers use in writing their software.  The good thing about java is that it is a cross platform. This means that it is much easier to install java on many operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux and many others.  

Being this way means that java allows its users to create only one version of the program.  Once this version is created, it can easily run on everything. This is much better compared to having to create different versions of it any other time. Much as this is the case, the ultimate question is, is java safe?

Many people confuse java with JavaScript.  These two are not related in any way contrary to what many people think.  The use of JavaScript is used in web browsers for the creation of web pages and is mostly used on the internet.  Even though java also works in browsers, it is used in a much bigger way than that.  

Other than this role, java can also be used in the development of stand-alone programs which are not on the internet. It is very important to understand that there is a very big difference between Java and JavaScript.  

Do You Need Java?

Do You Need Java

Before asking the question is java safe, first of all, you need to determine if you need it. To this, there has been so much confusion.  Many people ask whether they need java or not.  The answer to this is relative to different people.  For instance, it is possible for you to download java and have it on your computer but still not use it.  

Even though java is installed on so many devices, it is only used on very few.  However, having java on your computer does not directly constitute its use in the end.  Most importantly, you need to know that there are two parts of java that get added any time you install java on your computer.  Sometimes, when you run background apps when Google Chrome is closed, java posits an issue. 

There is that side that runs all the applications on your computer and the browser plugin which websites use in the creation of internet content.  Even though many users still use java for stand-alone programs, it is no longer used much by websites. Is java safe could be one of the reasons why this is the case. 

Is Java Safe? 

Is Java Safe

Now comes the question: is java secure. Before using java or even having it in your computer you might want to know something about this.  Is it secure or not? Remember if it is not then it might end up hurting you so much in the long run.  This is why it is very important for you to inquire fully about this issue before making any moves about it.  

If you are expecting the answer yes then that is not the case and there are many reasons for this.  For instance, java as software is known to be exploited so much by the so-called internet bad guys.  A good number of people have pointed out a number of flaws that are inherent in the design of this platform.  

The Flaws In Java Offer Internet Criminals An Advantage 

The Flaws In Java Offer Internet Criminals An Advantage

These flaws together with other things have all made it very easy to exploit java.  This is exactly why many people have been doing something that has greatly compromised its safety. Even worse in this case is the fact that Oracle takes so long to patch any vulnerabilities. 

This offers the internet bad guys an opportunity to exploit the platform making it even less secure.  The people who ask is java safe are well aware of this. 

Java’s poor security reputation is mainly focused on the browser plugin. The main reason for this is because of the fact that it is internet facing.  This is exactly where java’s biggest vulnerabilities are located.  The other bad thing again is the fact that in many cases the browser plugin is usually activated upon the installation of java.  Thus, if you have ever asked is java safe this could be the reason as to why it is not. 

It is exactly because of this that cybercriminals come in.  They take advantage of all this by writing evil java content.  This content is injected into the website of the person they hack. Once you visit the site hacked then the malicious code executes and then, later on, install malware.  

However, the good thing is that despite all this it is still possible to use java safely.  There are some tips that you can follow to execute this.  Should you show need in this, you can research about this way and use them at your own time.  


Is Java a security risk? This is a common question that many of you have asked us. So, we have tried our best to answer this question here. If you have some other question, you can check the FAQ section to grab a better overview of this topic.

1: Can Java Be trusted?

Ans: If you install the legitimate Java plugin from its official website, it is safe. But, there are several websites that use fake pop-up windows to trick you installing a different software other than Java. That’s why how safe is Java is a questionnable factor in today’s era.

2: Can Java Harm Your Computer?

Ans: There are several Java security risks, but if your browser can disable it, Java may not harm your computer so much. You must uninstall obsolete programs, old plugins, and always keep your software, and computer updated if you have Java in your machine. Otherwise, Java security flaws will harm your computer.

3: Is Java A Virus?

Ans: The MalwareHunterTeam was rewsponsible for discovering the ransomware virus, Java at the first place. It is a distinct version of the Dcrtr ransomware. So, if you have questions on Is Java secure, you must know it was designed to encrypt users’ data, and stealthily infiltrate systems.


It is right to say that java is not safe, at least to a larger extent it is not. From the text above you can see that the answer to the question is java safe is definitely no. So, if you want to know more about java security issues, you can let us know in the comment section. 

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