How To Crosspost On Reddit? A Beginners Guide

how to crosspost on reddit

One of the famous platforms available online right now is reddit. Reddit is a platform that allows you to create an account.  Once you have the account you can then take part in online discussions with many other users. Other than that, you can also have fun with many other people you find online. Growing, your audience online has compelled people to learn how to crosspost on reddit.  

Many people argue that reddit is pretty much like Wikipedia but it is much faster than Wikipedia.  The main reason behind this thought is because of the speed that reddit comes with.  For instance, you can get all the information you need on reddit much faster compared to Wikipedia. 

If you like, you can also find crucial information on celebrities on reddit. People have continued to say all sorts of good things about reddit.  Some even argue that it is the first version of the internet which is also very true.  

Crossposting On Reddit 

Crossposting On Reddit

If you are synonymous with reddit then chances are you have heard about the phrase Crossposting.  Unfortunately, Crossposting is a phrase that is not known to many and this is because of various reasons.  Nonetheless, this segment of the discussion takes a look at what Crossposting on reddit and how to crosspost on reddit.  

The process of Crossposting on reddit is a pretty simple thing to understand.  It simply means posting a regular reddit post on different subreddits at the same time.  Crossposting plays such an essential role to the users in so many ways.  For instance, if you are looking to grow your internet audience then Crossposting is one of the ways you can use to do this.  

Other than this, you can also use Crossposting to get various answers to your questions from various people.  As such, Crossposting is such an essential feature of reddit which plays such a key role that needs not be underestimated. 

Knowing how to crosspost on reddit, therefore, offers you immense privileges and benefits as well.  However, this knowledge is not with many, not so many people know how to Crossposting which is worrying.  In this regard, therefore, this article takes a look at how to crosspost on reddit and how you can do this with ease when you feel the need to do so.  

How To Crosspost On Reddit

How To Crosspost On Reddit

There are many reasons that inform the need to crosspost on reddit. There are some as said above who do so to grow their audience while others do so for information.  Depending on why you need to carry out this process, knowing how to crosspost on reddit is therefore so essential.  

The good thing is that this process is not that complicated.  If you decide to take on it in the right way then it will not take you any longer, it is simple. Follow the steps to easily crosspost on reddit when you need to do so.  

Step 1: 

This is the first step if you are seeking to know how to post on reddit. The first step with this process is to go to your device and open the reddit mobile application. In case you are using your computer, you can open reddit right on your computer.  The good thing is that the process is pretty much the same on both the computer and mobile devices.  

Step 2: 

Once you get to your home page, go ahead and look for the new post button on the same page. If you are having issues locating this button you can look for a plus orange rounded button.  In many places, this button is normally on the bottom half of the screen.  

Step 3: 

Once you do this, you will be able to see many options show up on the screen.  You can pick the one you need from them all.  Some of the options you will be able to see include the post a link, text, or image option 

Step 4: 

Once you have done that, move ahead and add the title to your and some other descriptions you might want to add.  

Step 5: 

When you are done doing that copy the whole content of your post 

Step 6: 

Once you are done with that make a selection of the community button and select the subreddit in which you wish to post your content.  

Step 7: 

When you are done doing all that, click on the post button which is located on the right corner of your screen 

Step 8: 

Once you are done doing that go back to the home page and repeat the second and the third steps

Step 9: 

Once you do that, move ahead and post the content from the previous post. However, when you are about to add a title, add it to the x post right from the subreddit.  You can make this addition at the beginning of the title or the end depending on your preference.  

Step 10: 

 When done with this process, make a selection of the community button and make the subreddit in which you intend to post.   

Step 11: 

Once you are done with all these processes click on the post button which is located at the top right corner of your phone screen. It is that simple without a struggle, it cannot take your time to know how to make a crosspost on reddit.


That is it for Crossposting on reddit.  If you wish to learn how to crosspost on reddit, the above text is what you need to be reading.  It is a complete guide on how you can carry out this process with ease.  The process itself is not that complicated and can be done with ease on both a computer or even your mobile phone.  

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