Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe – How To Make It In The Home?

chocolate chip cookies

We all want to taste something yummy, right. Chocolate chips can fulfill your desire to have toothsome dishes in your home. Preparing chocolate chips in your home can be exciting, and it can be better for you to bake them in the best possible way.

In this article, you will get a complete idea of how you can prepare and bake chocolate chips at your home. Then, you just need to follow specific simple steps to help you make the best chocolate chip recipe in your home.

When you bake the chocolate chip recipe, ensure that you do not bake the cookies in the wrong way as, in due course, you will lose their nutritional value.

Time & Arrangements Required For Preparing Chocolate Chips

Time & Arrangements Required For Preparing Chocolate Chips 

You need to make specific arrangements while preparing the best chocolate chip cookies in your home. Some of them are as follows:- 

  • Total Time You Require For Preparation: 1 hr 
  • Estimated Preparation Time: 20 mins   
  • Cooking Time Required For Cookies: 10mins 
  • This estimation is for 24 serves at a time.
  • This method of preparation will help you to yield four dozen

Ingredients Required For Chocolate Cheap Cookies Preparation

Ingredients Required For Chocolate Cheap Cookies Preparation

There are certain core ingredients that you must consider at your end to add while preparing yummy chocolate chip cookies. Some of them are as follows:-   

  • The first ingredient is to add one cup of butter softened
  • The second ingredient which you must not forget to add is white sugar. 
  • One cup of packed brown sugar can add a delicious taste to your chocolate chip cookies. 
  • The addition of 2 eggs is an essential ingredient in the preparation process. 
  • Vanilla extract of 2 teaspoons is necessary for preparing this delicious food item. 
  • Add the baking soda of 1 teaspoon. 
  • Hot water of 2 teaspoons is another essential ingredient in the preparation process. 
  • The requirement of half a teaspoon of salt is there. 
  • Add the all-purpose flour of three cups. 
  • Semi Chips chocolate chips of two cups are essential for preparing the chocolate chips. 
  • Chopped walnuts of 1 cup can add some delicious crispy taste to your choco chips. 

You have to follow specific essential tips and steps to prepare the chocolate chip cookie recipes to make your recipe delicious. You need to consider these steps to make things work your way at the right time.


You can preheat the oven to 350 degrees of Fahrenheit. It is the first step in the preparation of chocolate chip cookies. After that, you can keep aside the baking pan with the help of parchment paper. 

It is one of the first and the most crucial steps you need to follow while baking chocolate chip cookies. You need to know this first step while baking the Chocolate chip cookies in your home.


You can mix the cream with the help of brown sugar, white sugar, and butter to prepare the chocolate chip cookies. First, you have to beat in the eggs for a particular time, and then you need to stir in the vanilla. 

After that, you can dissolve the baking soda in hot water. Then, along with the salt, you can add the batter. But, first, you have to mix it with chocolate chips, nuts, and flour.  

Drop some large spoon fools onto the ungreased pans. It can make the preparation delicious.


The third and the last step is crucial as you have to bake for 10 minutes in the preheated oven unless the edges are nicely browned. After completing the baking process let the cookies cool down first.

Ensure that you do not skip these steps one after the other to achieve your objectives effectively. Proper following the steps can help you prepare the perfect chocolate chip cookies in your home with less effort.    


The fat saturation for some people is a matter of great concern in such a scenario; if you consume oatmeal chocolate chips cookies, then things can be much easier for you.

You can follow these steps to prepare the delicious chocolate chip cookies at your end.

This is one of the best chocolate chip cookies recipe you have to follow at your end while preparing an excellent dish for your family.

Nutritional Facts Of Chocolate Chips Cookies

You must consider the nutritional value that these Chocolate chip cookies contain in them. You need to identify these facts while correctly making your choices.

Calories 298
Carbohydrates 38.9g 
Protein 3.6g 
Cholesterol 35.8g 
Fat 15.6g 
Sodium 165.8mg 

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions):-

Q1. What Makes Cookies Soft And Crisp?

Ans: While you mix it with the lower moisture sugar, plus longer, slower flat than bake, then it produces light, crunchy cookies. It can make things work in your way within a specific time frame.

Q2. What Makes Cookies Flat & Fluffy? 

Ans: Butter that is present at room temperature can make the cookies flat and fluffy, It can help you to derive your aim effectively within an estimated time frame. Proper planning can make things work well in your way.

Q3. How Do You Make Chewy Cookies?

Ans: One of the best tricks to make your cookies chewy cookies is to rest your cookies dough in the fridge. It can make things easier and lucid for you. These are some of the best tricks you can follow here at your end.

Q4. How Can You Spice Up Cookie Dough?

Ans: For spicing up your cookie dough, you need to combine ginger, ground cinnamon, and sugar. After that; you can roll your balls of the cookies to bake them for further use. It is one of the best tricks to spice up your cookies.

Final Take Away. 

Hence, you can follow this recipe to prepare delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Follow these steps properly while making the chocolate chips delicious and yummy. 

The more you can make your selection of the ingredients in the right way, the better you can achieve your goals. Taste something different and nutritious while you bake the cookies at your home. 

Feel free to share your views, opinions, and ideas to make things work your way. Ensure that you do not skip any steps from your end while preparing the choco chip cookies. 

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