5 Mobility Aids For The Disabled

mobility aids

21st-century technology is changing the way we live in every respect and that is very good news for people with disability. There are many innovations coming in the next few years, as robotics and digital tech come together; Elon Musk started Neuralink because he sees the potential of connecting the human brain to an external interface, which could end paralysis for good.

Top 5 Mobility Aids For The Disabled

Here are a few mobility aids that are helping disabled people today.

1. Mobility scooter

Not exactly new, the modern mobility scooter is battery powered and has a long range between charges, plus lots of safety features and can carry up to 120kg. There are fold-away versions that fit in the boot of a car, ideal for those country walks, plus there are indoor mobility scooters. If you would like to view a range of top-rated mobility scooters, search with Google for a local supplier, pay them a visit and test drive your preferred model.

2. Knee scooter

If you have a below-the-knee injury, the knee scooter is for you. Much like the scooters we had as kids, knee scooters are propelled with a single leg, while the other leg rests on a special pad and you push yourself around; if you suffered a broken ankle due to a football injury, the knee scooter would help you get about. There are electric models for outdoor use for those with a permanent below-the-knee injury, and the units have safety features and good brakes.

3. Walking frame

walking frame

Light and very sturdy, an aluminum frame with 4 legs provides a solid platform for walking. Each leg has a rubber, non-slip cap for additional safety, plus height is adjustable and having one on each floor is the perfect solution if you live in a two-story house. To view a range of walking frames, Google is your buddy and can take you straight to a supplier, and when you find the one that works for you, a secure online payment sees the unit packaged and sent to your home address; assembly is simple, just follow the instructions. If you are a lifelong learner, click here.

4. Walking stick

Man has always used something for extra support when walking; whether an old oak carved stick or an alloy unit with 4 small feet, walking sticks provide essential support for a person who has difficulty walking. Indeed, in Victorian times, a walking cane was a cool fashion accessory that many men used. In fact, some were also thin swords, carried for protection when the English gentleman strolled the dark streets of London.

5. Knee supports

The latest generation of knee braces has adjustable tension, with elastic fabric or, in some cases, straps to secure the device. The knees endure tremendous punishment and as we age, our knees can deteriorate, and knee supports provide that essential support, which can also relieve pain.

When you reach retirement age, you can no longer take good health for granted, and for many elderly people, mobility aids are an integral part of their lives.

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