How To Find Coffee Shops Near Me?

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I know that you like to have your morning coffee as early as possible. You have your coffee machine at home, ready to serve you hot coffee at your demand when the sun rises. But what if you are out of town or driving, frantically searching on your phone for “coffee shops near me?”

I know that you like only quality when it comes to having your morning coffee. There is something in this drink that just helps you start your day right (I know it’s caffeine). This is the reason why you need to be quick about finding a good coffee shop near you early morning.

To learn how to find coffee shops near me, you simply have to follow this simple guide. I have mentioned all the steps you need to take to help you get your morning fix early.

Things To Remember While Finding Coffee Shops

Things To Remember While Finding Coffee Shops

Some of the essential things to remember while finding coffee shops near me are:

1. Find Coffee Shops Ahead Of Time, Before You Travel

Find Coffee Shops Ahead Of Time, Before You Travel

There are many ways to find coffee shops near you. Even if you are out in your house in a new city, there is no need to get anxious. You can search for “cute coffee shops near me” pretty easily, even before you leave your room.

If you have a specific brand in mind, like Starbucks, you can simply go to their website. The website has a pretty robust online store locator, which pinpoints the location of the nearest Starbucks store near you. All you need to do is turn your location/GPS on and head to the website.

However, if you want some lesser-known coffee shops, then you can get a headstart by searching on Google. You can also try out the website called Delocator. I would suggest doing so if you are in a new city and feeling a bit adventurous. This can be a good way to explore the city. 

Delocator is a great site to visit if you want to explore a city’s roots, especially when it comes to the kind of coffee people prefer. This is the best app that you can use to find some hidden local coffee shops near me.

In my opinion, this is a better option than going to Starbucks. I mean, Starbucks is the same in all the cities, including their coffee. Why not visit a new place and see what’s hot there?

2. Don’t Forget Your Smartphone

Don’t Forget Your Smartphone

This is the most important golden rule whenever you are out in the streets – carrying your smartphone with you at all times. Your smartphone is your most valuable friend, especially when it comes to finding “cute coffee shops near me.”

3. Take Your Coffee With You And Brew It When You’re Ready

Take Your Coffee With You And Brew It When You’re Ready

If you are a person who’s always on the move, then the best advice that I can give you regarding your morning coffee – is always to carry it yourself. Now, you might ask, “How do I do that? How do I make coffee while on the move?”

If you have this question in your mind, then the best thing that you can do right now is to get yourself a French Pres Travel Mug. A cross between an insulated travel mug and a French press, expect it to be your best morning friend while on the drive. 

To make the most use of it, keep a pouch of grounded coffee with you. Whenever you feel like having a sip, simply add the coffee to the bottom of the mug and add hot water over it. You can carry the hot water in an insulating flask pretty easily. 

Best Ways To Find Coffee Shops Near Me

The Best Ways To Find “Coffee Shops Near Me” are

Google Search

One of the best ways to search for “coffee shops near me” is to search for it on Google. If you have your location on, then you can directly search it on Google Maps as well. The map will give you the exact location of nearby coffee shops. In addition, additional details like their contact number and their timings will also be mentioned there. 

In addition, Google also provides a very helpful “Suggestions” tab alongside it. In this tab, Google will give you suggestions regarding what other coffee shops you can try out based on customer reviews and matching keywords. 

2. Review Sites

Review Sites.

There are many review websites that will give you exact locations regarding where to find coffee shops near me. 

The importance of review sites has become more prominent with every passing day. This is because you, as a customer, would always want to go to good places to have your morning coffee. Therefore, simply go to a review site like Yelp and see reviews related to coffee shops in the city. 

You will most likely find genuine and trustworthy reviews here since they are written by actual visiting customers, not bots. Many give negative reviews depending on the poor customer service they have experienced, in addition to bad-tasting coffee as well.

3. Family And Friends

Family And Friends

Sometimes, your family and friends will give you the best advice as to finding the best coffee shops open near me. They are like a more trustable version of checking out online reviews. You can see their face, in addition to them not lying to you (hopefully). 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding finding coffee shops near me are:

Q1. What Factors Should A Coffee Shop Consider Before Choosing A Location?

Ans: Before an entrepreneur decides to open a coffee shop, they should check various aspects of the location they have chosen. These factors are:

➼ Area demographics: Age and wants of most people living in the area.
➼ Other businesses and potential competitors in the neighborhood.
➼ Transport options to and from the shop.
➼ The professional and casual crowd of the area.
➼ Affordability of the property and taxes imposed by the federal state government.

Q2. Why Is Coffee Shop Location Important?

Ans: The location of the coffee shop plays a crucial aspect in deciding how well its business will be in the next few years. A crowded place with a lot of youngsters is ideally the most suitable place. It is more preferred that the place is near corporate sectors, so that morning office goer can enjoy their coffee before heading to work. 

Q3. Do I Need To Book A Table At A Coffee Shop Near Me?

Ans: No, you don’t need to book a table at a coffee shop near you. You can simply enter the shop and get a table for yourself. In addition, you can book a table beforehand if you want.


Finding coffee shops near me can be a daunting task if you had a busy night yesterday. Therefore, to make your life easier, you can start by taking a deep breath and going through the points in this list one by one, ticking them off as you go from top to bottom.

You can simply use google search to search for coffee shops near you. In addition to listing multiple shops, they will also provide their contact details and opening and closing hours as well. If you want a more personalized suggestion, then it’s best to ask your family and friends first.

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