Draco To Php: How To Calculate Draco To PHP?

Draco To Php How To Calculate Draco To PHP

How to calculate Draco to PHP?

Since NFT games have become a phenomenon, most gamers have become miners mining their own cryptocurrencies. It is really a dream come true for gamers who dream of earning money by playing games.

Gamers can now earn money thanks to this new RPG game named MIR4, which was released in 2021. No, it is not a typical MMORPG; it is a blockchain-based play-to-earn game that allows players to mine their cryptocurrencies. They can then convert the crypto token for real-world money, and that is where Draco to PHP comes in.

About MIR4, Draco, & PHP  

About MIR4, Draco, & PHP

In the game MIR4, the players are allowed to use utility tokens called Draco. Gamers can also exchange Draco for the in-game token named Draksteel. It is also possible to smelt Draco by utilizing Darksteel.

Currently, the exchange rate is – 100000 Darksteel equals 1 DRACO. Also, more Darksteel mined in the game means more Darksteel to smelt Draco. Most interestingly, the game has its own wallet named WEMIX wallet that you can use to store and trade your tokens.

What Is Draco In MIR4?  

What Is Draco In MIR4

DRACO, in the game, is the utility cryptocurrency token MIR4 world players can use. The DRACO utility coin allows in-game assets to be stored, purchased, and sold outside the game as well. The MIR4 players have to play and complete quests in the game to earn Darksteel. These quests literally require them to mine the Darksteel from the dungeons.

What IS PHP?  

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PHP or Piso in the Philippines, is the official currency of the Philippines. The PHP currency is subdivided into centavos (1 PHP equals to 100 centavos or sentimos). The symbol of this currency is ₱. If you are from the Philippines and you want to convert your DRACO from the MIR4 game into PHP or Piso, then you are on the right page. Below is the list of the conversion rate for Draco to PHP.

Draco To PHP Exchange Rates   

Draco To PHP Exchange Rates

It is needless to say that people are curious to invest in and earn from Cryptocurrencies these days. If you are from the Philippines, you might want to convert Draco to PHP. So, how much do you get when you convert 1 Draco coin to PHP?

If you are wondering about the conversion rates and how much you can earn by exchanging your coins. In that case, the following chart should help you –

Draco To PHP Rate Chart
0.01 DT Token0.000757 Philippine Peso
0.1 DT Token0.007573 Philippine Peso
1 DT Token0.075727 Philippine Peso
2 DT Token0.151454 Philippine Peso
3 DT Token0.227182 Philippine Peso
5 DT Token0.378636 Philippine Peso
10 DT Token0.757272 Philippine Peso
20 DT Token1.514544 Philippine Peso
50 DT Token3.786360 Philippine Peso
100 DT Token7.572720 Philippine Peso
1000 DT Token75.727200 Philippine Peso

How To Covert Draco To PHP In MIR4?  

How To Covert Draco To PHP In MIR4
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If you are playing MIR4, you might want to convert Draco to PHP in the Philippines. In the game, you have to go on different quests and complete missions to earn Draco. The game offers you the opportunity to improve different skills. You can later use these skills to buy different game elements.

Most importantly, the game offers an option to convert MIR4 Draco to PHP. When the amount of PHP is equal, the option to covert PHP from Draco will automatically occur. If you have followed the former steps to covert Draco, it will seem impossible not to take advantage and convert your Dracto to PHP.  The NFTs allow you to exchange the Draco Points you have earned in-game for PHP.

How To Obtain Draco In Darksteel?  

You can earn Draco in the MIR4 game by mining and smelting Darksteel. However, there are steps involved that you need to follow. Playing the MIR4 world game is the main way to earn.

Install MIR4 On Your Device & Start Playing.  

First, you have to install the game on your device ( PC/ smartphone). Now, of course, you have to start playing it.

Reach Level 40.  

You cannot mine or earn Darksteel unless you reach level 40. So, first, you have to reach the level of 40.

Complete Quests & Mine Darksteel   

Now that you have reached level 40, it is time to mine Darksteel. So, you have to enter the dungeons looking for Darksteel. You will need more than 100000+ Darksteels.

Smelt Darksteel Into Draco  

Now, you have to smelt Darksteel into Draco. It also requires you to pay 1000 Darksteel for the fees.

In-Game Mail Will Give You Notification Of Successful Transaction  

When you are done smelting, you will notice an in-game mail notifying you of a successful transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

I hope you have learned how to convert Draco to PHP. However, here are some additional questions and answers if you need them.

1. Where Can I Exchange Draco?  

Ans: Draco (DRACO) is a cryptocurrency that can be traded on various online cryptocurrency exchanges. Some popular exchanges that support Draco include Binance, Huobi Global, KuCoin, and Gate.io.  You can also go to Dex and get them exchanged for Wemix. But, if you are using an exchange, make sure it is supported in your country.

2. How Much Is Draco Binance?  

Ans: The price of Draco on Binance can fluctuate and is determined by market demand. To know the current price of Draco on Binance, you can visit the Binance website or use a cryptocurrency price tracking websites such as CoinMarketCap or CryptoSlate. However, at the time of writing this article, the price of Draco at Binance was $ 0.0002832 per Draco.

3. Can You Convert Draco In Steam?  

Ans: No, you cannot directly convert Draco (DRACO) to Steam credits. Steam is a digital video game distribution platform that does not support the direct exchange of cryptocurrencies. You can only do it on the official MIR4 client. Since Steam does not appreciate the Bots of hackers on their game, they banned the smelting of Draco on the smelt client.

Bottom Line  

It is really fun to see how you can earn real-world money just by playing NFT games. MIR4, alongside many other play-to-earn NFT games, offers a great option to earn money. You can mine Darksteel and convert them to Draco. You can also convert your Draco to PHP using the methods explained in this article.

I hope that this article was helpful. However, if you have any further queries, you can leave them in the comment section.

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