Ex-Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Shot, Shows No Vital Signs

Shinzo Abe Shot

The former prime minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, was shot during a Friday campaign event in the Nara region. The ex-PM of Japan was not showing any vital signs while he was taken to the hospital after the gunshot.

He was shot twice and did not show any vital signs after being shot twice. The current condition of his health remains unknown. The suspect, a man of the age around 40, was taken into custody after he allegedly shot the ex-prime minister Abe.

The 67 years old ex-prime minister was bleeding from the neck after being shot. The shooting happened around 11:30 while Shinzo Abe was delivering a speech. Shinzo was delivering a speech ahead of the upper house election on Sunday. Then, suddenly, a man came from behind and shot him twice.

A young woman at the scene said that the first shot sounded like a toy, and the second one was a larger shot with smoke and sparks. People present at the situation gave Shinzo a cardiac massage.

Some unverified videos ( unverified) circulating the internet show the paramedics hurdling around Abe while he was bleeding on the ground. The first shot probably missed Abe, while the second hit Abe on the back. NHK, the local broadcaster, reported that Abe was still responsive while he was being transported to the hospital.

The police seem to have identified the criminal who appeared to have a large gun and has taken him into custody. However, the NHK also said that the suspect’s gun was a handmade one, and he made it himself.

The current health condition of the former Japanese prime minister is still unknown. However, several media outlets and reporters reported that the shot appeared to be taken from behind, and a shotgun was probably used for the crime.


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