Understanding The Impact And Innovation Of Verifone Technology

Understanding The Impact And Innovation Of Verifone Technology

With the number of changes in the rapidly transforming innovation and technology, the retail industry is changing as well. Hence, keeping up with the needs and demands of the industry as well as the customers are also important. Verifone incorporated is one such company that offers top-grade services to retail shops and businesses, which makes workplace operations and dealing with customers easier.

Industry Solutions And Services Offered By Verifone  

Industry Solutions And Services Offered By Verifone

The following are the major industry solutions and services that Verifone offers to retailers and businesses for better connection with customers:

1. Enterprise Retail  

With the help of Verifone’s enterprise retail services, your management of payment systems is simplified. You can make combined in-store and online experiences for the customers with personalized payments.

2. Hospitality Retail  

Verifone’s hospitality retail lets you “select the solution that best fits your needs while giving your customers the ability to pay where and how they want to pay.” You can now engage your guests better and enhance the mobility of the store.

3. Petroleum And Convenience Retail  

With the ‘Build for purpose solutions’ of Verifone, like the major POS systems, site controllers, and high-tech payment devices, you can enhance the safety and security of your petroleum and convenience retail.

4. Services To Small to Medium Sized Businesses  

Many services of Verifone are based on subscription and come as all-in-one solutions. These are designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses. Furthermore, they come with the latest features.

5. Acquiring Services  

With the acquiring services by Verifone, you will be able to open new revenue streams with the various commercial Verifone applications. Furthermore, these applications are extremely customizable as well.

Payment Devices Offered By Verifone  

Payment Devices Offered By Verifone

The followings are the major payment systems and devices that Verifone offers:

1. mPOS Systems  

These include the Verifone card reader options, which are fully encrypted. Furthermore, these devices ensure that card numbers are never passed through smart devices. Furthermore, these devices are fast as well.

2. Countertops, PIN pads, Multilane  

Verifone vx520 and other Verifone credit card machines fall under this category. According to Verifone, “From basic payment acceptance to more advanced features and functionality, these devices provide merchants with the tools and flexibility they need to operate efficiently and effectively.”

3. Portables & Transportables  

These portable devices from Verifone help in delivering extended coverage and flexibility that are required to accept payment systems. These are really great options for bustling and crowded environments.

4. Integrated POS  

Verifone terminals and POS systems help in the better management of payment-related issues by offering personalized experiences to customers. With business management tools, you will be able to manage your business better.

5. Kiosks & Unattended  

These devices are specially made for rugged environments. According to Verifone, you can select “from our diverse portfolio of complete kiosk solutions—countertop, wall mounted or freestanding—or our modular payment components—card/contactless readers, PIN pads.”

6. Site Controllers  

Verifone site controllers are the best options available in the marketplace and are extremely flexible and versatile to meet business needs. The controllers are EMV-ready and are based on the Commander platform.

Cloud Services Offered By Verifone  

Cloud Services Offered By Verifone

The following are the major cloud services that Verifone offers to retail owners:

1. Advanced Payments  

Verifone claims that you can “Tap into the global market with APMs that include location-based merchant discovery, digital coupons, ads, and more that drive the consumer to you.” These payment systems are personalized and allow shoppers to choose.

2. Device Management  

The device management system is run by the Verifone Headquarters and is one of the safest servers, which operates free from any unauthorized cybercriminal access. All your payment devices can be connected from anywhere.

3. Digital Commerce  

The 2 Checkout platform by Verifone is one of the best digital eCommerce solutions, which helps in payment processing and subscription billing, as well as the management of taxes.

4. Global eCommerce  

With the help of Verifone’s global eCommerce services, you can create “a smooth journey for shoppers by providing a seamless buying experience across all sales channels, all devices, while keeping your brand visible throughout the shopping journey.”

5. Payment Services  

The payment services of Verifone are present in more than thirty-five countries, and there are 150+ acquiring endpoints.

6. Petroleum & Convenience Retail  

As discussed above, in this case, Verifone provides site controllers, and high-tech payment devices, so you can enhance the safety and security of your petroleum and convenience retail

7. Developer Central  

You can download the Commerce SDK Application by Verifone by going to this website:

Manage Services  

Manage Services

The following are the managed services that Verifone offers:

1. Boarding Services  

In this case, Verifone offers a “wide range of payment devices and adds the services and features that help support your business model while opening up new revenue-generating opportunities like loyalty and Advanced Payment Methods.”

2. Customer Support Services  

The Verifone customer service is available whenever you need them, and they are friendly as well as knowledgeable enough to provide you with technical information at any time.

3. Device Services  

Verifone offers one of the best ‘Single Source Provider’ services, where they understand your needs based on what you expect in retail. With an incredible supply chain available, the services are fast and efficient.

4. Software Services  

Verifone claims that “All your software configurations in a single secure library available for updates and downloads at the click of a mouse.” Furthermore, with the need for change in business, easy change options are available.

Final Thought

  Hope you found this article helpful in getting a better idea of the impact and innovation of Verifone technology by looking at the services offered by them. If you want to avail of the services that Verifone offers and you want to know more about the services, you can call the Verifone help desk at 1.800.VERIFONE. Furthermore, if you want on-site support and diagnostics from Verifone, consider calling here to get instant services. Which of the aforementioned services by Verifone do you like the most for your business? Share your reviews with us in the comments section below.

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