Apple Pie Recipe – How To Make It At Home?

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Eating something delicious can give your mood the positive aura it deserves. So, today let’s try apple pie preparations at home to taste something yummy and delicious after your weekend’s hard work. 

At times I have planned to cook apple pie at my home. But not get the chance to do so. At last today I got the opportunity to prepare the apple pie in my house. Along with me, you are also welcome to prepare the dish which I like most.

Hmmm……….can’t resist the temptation like me? So let’s get started for something yummy and watery mouth step by step.     

Ingredients Require For Apple Pie Preparations 

Ingredients Require For Apple Pie Preparations

You must ensure that you have these ingredients to prepare the Apple pie recipe to make the preparation tastier and mouth watery. Uhhhh, I can’t wait anymore. Let’s get started to make things yummier. 

  • ⅓ cup of sugar. 
  • Dough for the double-crust pie. 
  • ¼ cup of purpose flour. 
  • 1/3 rd cup of packed brown sugar. 
  • You have to add ¼ teaspoon of ground ginger. 
  • One teaspoon of ground cinnamon. 
  • ¼ teaspoon of ground nutmeg. 
  • One tablespoon of lemon juice. 
  • You will need 6 and 7 cups of sliced peeled tart apples.
  • One large egg white. 
  • One tablespoon of butter. 
  • You can add optional ingredients: ground cinnamon, a Turbinado of coarse sugar, caramel sauce, and vanilla bean ice cream. 

Steps To Prepare Apple Pie Recipe 

There are specific steps you have to follow to prepare the apple pie at home. Some of the crucial steps which you must follow for the preparations of the apple pie are as follows:-   

Step –1👉

First, you can pre-heat the oven to a temperature of 375 degrees. Then, only a lightly floured surface can help you roll half of the dough in a ⅛ thick circle. Along with it, you can transfer it on the 9-in pie plate. 

After that, you can combine the sugar, spices, and flour in a small bowl. Finally, in a big bowl, you will have the liberty you can toss all the lemon juice with apples. 

You may add the sugar mixture, dot it with butter and toads to coat, or you can add filling to it. Again, proper planning can help you to reach your goals in the right way. 

Step- 2👉

When you add the roll of the remaining dough, you can mix it with ⅛ of the thick circle. Then, you can place it over the filling and trim the seal and the fruit edge. But, first, you have to cut the slits over the top. 

Beat the egg white unless it becomes foamy to make it brush over the crust. If possible, you can sprinkle the turbinado over the sugar. You can cover the edge loosely with the foil while using cinnamon and sugar.   

Make use of the apple pie filling which can help you to make things work well in your way. It is one of the most popular American food which you can try making at your home. 


You can bake for 25 minutes and then remove the foil while the crust is golden brown and the entire filling is bubbly. It can make things work for 20-25 minutes longer. After that, you can cool the wire or rack. 

If required, you can serve the ice cream and caramel sauce. You need to know the ways which can make things work in your way within a specific point in time. From the mentioned discussion, you may understand how to make an apple pie? 

What Are The Best Apples For Apple Pie?

What Are The Best Apples For Apple Pie 

For preparing the tastiest apple pie, you may opt for the following categories of apples. Some of them are as follows:- 

  • Granny Smith apples. 
  • Golden Delicious apples. 
  • Jonagold. 
  • Braeburn apples.     

With the Po boy sandwich recipe, you can also try with it to double up your taste within a shorter period. 

How Many Apples Do You Require In 6 cups? 

How Many Apples Do You Require In 6 cups

Typically one medium of the apple pie will hit 1/1/3rd amount of the apple pie. When making the 6 cups of sliced apples, you may require the five mediums of apples. First, you may have left over for a snack while you want to make use of the apple recipe. 

How Can You Keep Bottom Of The Apply Pie To Avoid Becoming Soggy? 

How Can You Keep Bottom Of The Apply Pie To Avoid Becoming Soggy

Allow the bottom crust to heat up faster than the rest of the pie. To do these more effectively, you can bake your pie on the sheet. However, you must place the oven before pre-heating on the baking sheet. 

Is It Better To Bake It In Glass Or Metal?

Is It Better To Bake It In Glass Or Metal

While baking the double-crust pie, you can easily bake it on metal or glass pie plates. In the case of single-crust pies, metal is preferred as it heats the crisp crust. You can use the ultimate pie-baking tips for preparing the ultimate pie-baking guide. 

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question):-

1. Should You Cook Apple Before Apple Pie? 

Ans: The secret to cooking the best apple pie is to pre-cook the apples. It will ensure the perfect consistency and balanced sweetness. You must ignore the gap between the crust and filling. It can make things work in a shorter version of time.

2. What Is The Best Apple To Make A Pie With?

Ans: You can try out sure apples when you want to make a pie while preparing the best apple with pie. Some of the core factors which you need to take care of are as follows: 
👉 Honey crisp. 
👉 Granny with smiles. 
👉 Rome. 
👉 Golden delicious. 
👉 Braeburn. 
👉 Jonathan Or Jonagold apples. 
👉 Apple varieties. 
👉 Northern Spy.

3. How Do You Get Apple Pie From Getting Mushy?

Ans: There are specific tips that you have to follow for a runny apple pie. Some of the steps in this matter are as follows:- 
👉 It can reduce the juice. 
👉 Offer you the opportunity to precook the filling. 
👉 It can help you to vent the top crust. 
👉 You can experiment with different thickeners. 
👉 Bake Thoroughly. 
👉 You can try the lattice or crumb the top crust. 
👉 Let make the pie cool down completely.

4. Do You Need Peel Apples For Your Apple Pie?

Ans: When you peel the apples, the apple pie turns out to be the best. You can leave the peel and can add color to the pie. It will make things work in your way. However, you may not want enough challenging surprises in place of your apple pie. 

Your Apple Pie Is Ready To Eat: Have A Taste….. 

You must follow the apple pie filling recipe above to ensure a great taste for this food. You must not skip any of the steps. Otherwise, you will miss out on the flavor. You need to know these facts when you want to make the apple pie at your home. 

You can feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas while achieving your goals correctly. However, ensure that you avoid making any mistakes from your end while preparing the apple pie. 

Proper maintenance of the apple pie preparations can make things easier and more effective for you while you make use of the apple pie. Ignore making things work in the wrong direction while you want to reach your objectives.

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