Best Balayage Hair Color Trends That You Need To Try In 2023

Best Balayage Hair Color Trends That You Need To Try In 2023

Want to know everything about balayage hair trends and the best ideas on how to make it your own? If yes, then you have reached the right place.

While there are a lot of hair trends that have started to make people go crazy, and literally everyone is aiming to bring out their best hair game, there is one hairstyle trend that has made a lot of noise recently. And that is the balayage hair.

So, what is the balayage hair trend? If you want to know about it, keep reading this article till the end…

The Balayage Hair Trend: What Is Balayage?

The first thing that you should know before learning about the various balayage hair color trends that you need to try out, you must know what balayage hair is. So what is it?

The word ‘balayage’ comes from French. The literal meaning of the word is “to sweep.” Thus, when it comes to this hair color technique, this hair coloring or dyeing technique is very different from any other method. This is because, in this technique, the hair color is literally hand painted or “swept” over the hair.

So, the random areas on the surface of the hair that has the color on look different in color. While a lot of people might think that it is similar to the process of highlighting, the fact that it is simply done by hand painting makes it different.

Best Balayage Hair Color Trend That You Need To Try!

In case you want to know what balayage hair color you should try out, then you have come to the right place. Your search ends here. In this article, I have listed some of the best combinations and styles that you need to try when you want balayage hair.

Here are the best balayage hair trends that you should keep in mind before hitting the salon:

1. Cool Brown Balayage Hair

Cool Brown Balayage Hair
Image Source

If you are a first timer, then you might not think about making drastic and dramatic changes to your hair. But that is why you can think about trying out this hair color. The cool brown hair color is something that is barely visible. The base hair color is dark, and the balayage adds a glossy finish to the look.

2. Pink Balayage Hair

Pink Balayage Hair
Image Source

One of the best things that you can try if you want to go all out with this hair color trend is to add pink as your balayage hair color. This is a great way to play with your hair color. You can try out a pastel pink shade if you have blonde or silver blonde hair. However, ensure not to overwash your hair because then this color will go away.

3. Curly Balayage Hair

Curly Balayage Hair
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If you think that you can only have balayage hair if your hair is straight, then let me tell you that you are wrong. You can also have curly balayage hair. The color can be of your choice. Just make sure that the certain sections of the curls are highlighted.

4. Ginger Balayage Hair

Ginger Balayage Hair
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Are you a ginger? Or do you want to be one? Now everything is possible. You can try to use a different shade of brown or red that gives you the ginger hair look. And that is all you need to have a ginger balayage hair color. This is one of the most popular hair colors as it is not as high maintenance as auburn or red.

5. Brown Balayage Hair

Brown Balayage Hair
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While there are a lot of shades of brown that you can choose from, you can try to start with the basic chocolate brown or a deep mahogany color for your balayage. This is a great option for you if you want to look like a traditional brunette.

6. Caramel Balayage Hair

Caramel Balayage Hair
Image Source

Caramel is such a nice and soft color, isn’t it? Well, guess what? You can try to use the hair color in the form of your balayage. Also, you can try to keep the brighter sections of the hair around your face for a softer look.

7. Dark Chocolate Balayage Hair

Dark Chocolate Balayage Hair
Image Source

The other shade of brown that you can try out is the dark chocolate or chili chocolate hair color. This looks like a very bright and rich shade of auburn, just more and more natural. So if you want to keep things minimal and yet let the world know that you got your hair done, then this is the color that you can go for!

8. Short Balayage Hair

Short Balayage Hair
Image Source

If you thought that the balayage style of hair color could only be applicable to long hair, then that is not the case. You can have short hair and still try this coloring technique. There are many short alt hairstyles that you can try this balayage hair coloring technique over. Just pick the color of your choice and get coloring!

9. Maroon Or Burgundy Balayage Hair

Maroon Or Burgundy Balayage Hair
Image Source

The next on the list of the best hair color for the balayage technique of dyeing is burgundy or maroon. This is for the ones who want to look a bit fiery but do not want to opt for red. The beautiful ombre effect that this color has on the darker shades of the base hair is magnificent!

10. Purple Balayage Hair

Purple Balayage Hair
Image Source

This is yet another color combination that has the power to make people talk. If you want to stand out in the crowd, then a purple balayage hair can become your tool or weapon. With a darker base color of the hair, you can do wonders with the color purple. And guess what? It looks great, both on blondes and brunettes!

11. Balayage Hair With Golden Underlights

Balayage Hair With Golden Underlights
Image Source

Keeping it nice and simple, we have the classic blonde or golden underlights as balayage hair color. This is the best way to come out of the crowd without making a lot of noise. And the best part about this hair color is that you can never go wrong with this one!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Now that you have almost reached the end of this article, I hope that you have found the answers to most of your queries. However, here are some of the questions that readers frequently ask regarding balayage hair. You might want to go through them to get a better understanding of things related to balayage hair.

1. How To Take Care Of Balayage Hair?

Ans: If you want to take care of balayage hair, then you need to make sure that you do not use a lot of shampoos to wash out the color. Also, if you want to have curly balayage hair, you need to ensure that you use certain heat protectants before applying heat.

2. How To Let Balayage Hair At Home?

Ans: You do not necessarily go to the hair salon in order to get balayage hair. You can do that in your house. You need to pick the color of your choice that you want to use for highlighting the sections of the hair and kind of take random sections of the hair and sweep the color over the surface. You do not need to make the color look even because that is what makes the balayage hair color look so different.

Wrapping It Up!

The Balayage hair trend is making a lot of rounds in the world at present. And needless to say, it is definitely one of the best hair color trends that have taken over the world. In this technique, the color is swept by hands over random sections of the surface of the hair. This gives the hair a hand-painted look.

If you were looking for the best balayage hair trends that you can try in 2023, I hope that you found this article mostly helpful. Also, if you have any other questions and queries regarding this topic, please feel free to comment down in the box.

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