Demise Of Ivana Trump, First Wife Of Donald Trump At The Age Of 73

Ivana Trump

With the demise of Ivana Trump, the first wife of Donald Trump, the entire nation was in shock. She was the wife of Donald Trump, the former president of the USA. In addition, she was the mother of the three oldest children of Donald Trump. 

At 73, she passed away and said goodbye to the entire nation. Her life was full of ups and downs, along with some achievements that extracted the best version of her life. However, the main reason for her death was cardiac arrest when she fell thon e stairs unconscious.     

Some Remarkable Life Highlights Of  Ivana Trump  

There are some of the remarkable life highlights of Ivana Trump, which many of us are unaware of this great lady. Let’s find out some of the core life insights of Ivana Trump to have a better insight into her journey. 

  • The couple got married in the year of 1977, and they got divorced in 1992. 
  • She has three children, commonly known as Eric, Ivanka, and Donald junior. 
  • Apart from being a mother and a wife, she was also a successful businesswoman in the USA. 
  • She taught her children about grit, toughness, compassion, and determination. 
  • The trump family said that she had grown under the rule of the communist. 
  • It was reported that she was fallen down the staircase of her apartment after cardiac arrest, and it was the cause of her death. 

These are some of the core achievements of her life and the legacy also which you must remember at your end while you want to handle this shocking news of Ivana trumps death.

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