Is Pinterest Social Media?

Is Pinterest Social Media

Comparing it to websites like Instagram and Facebook, Pinterest is unique. So, is Pinterest social media? Otherwise, is it entirely different?

Among social media platforms is Pinterest. It still counts as social media and a social network, even though it differs from other social media websites.

In this article, we’ll examine the difference between the terms “social media” and “Pinterest” in the sphere of social networking.

What Is Pinterest Social Media?

What Is Pinterest Social Media

Similar to Reddit or StumbleUpon, Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board where users may collect and curate photos and videos. However, compared to photo-sharing websites, the focus is on discovering and curating other people’s material rather than storing your own.

This is undoubtedly current, given the increasing importance of visual content on social media. For example, 94% more people view content with photos than posts without images. These stats might raise questions like “ Is Pinterest social media” in your mind?

Why Is Pinterest Social Media?

There are lots of reasons why is Pinterest social media. Some of the major reasons why it is so are:

1. Users Can Create Their Online Communities

Users Can Create Their Online CommunitieS

Although Facebook and the professional social network LinkedIn have many active communities, Pinterest also has a range of groups. This is why many people think something like, “Is Pinterest considered social media?”

Tailwind Tribes is another Pinterest-focused community. While Tailwind is a third-party tool, it is incredibly well-liked and home to numerous Pinterest groups.

Reactions on Pinterest (love, clap, and thumbs-down) serve as a community driver of the dashboard for the “Tailwind Tribes” community.

Group boards are the original sort of community. One Pinner can build a board on a group board, also known as a collaborative board. Then, they invite more Pinners and users to contribute. Group boards are used to organize events.

Individuals on boards can respond to different pins. They can also provide negative responses. On Pins, people may also write comments.

There are reactions, following, and comments, but they are not as important as other social media websites. But there are still many different methods to create online communities on Pinterest. On pins, users can leave comments and post queries. You can follow the Pinners that you enjoy the most.

2. Creators Can Share Information

Creators Can Share Information

The amount of information on Pinterest surpasses that of other social media platforms. A lot of Pinterest users search for complete blogs and article entries. Long infographics are also permitted on Pinterest. This is Pinterest social media?

According to its website, Pinterest is a visual search engine that aids users in finding online content related to their passions. Most of the top 20 pins of all time were linked to websites offering a ton of advice and knowledge.

3. Users Can Share Various Visual Ideas

Users Can Share Various Visual Ideas

When you enter Pinterest, you will get to see various images and graphic designs. “Find New Ideas To Try”  is one of the most popular taglines on Pinterest. Therefore, this makes it clear that Pinterest is built to find new global visual and graphical ideas shared by artists.

4. You Can Chat With Other Users

You Can Chat With Other Users

On Pinterest, there are different ways to contact someone directly. On the platform, you can remark on anyone’s Pins. This is one of the primary reasons people think why is Pinterest social media.

You can send direct messages to users you follow (and vice versa). Go to their account and select “message” from the menu to the right of their name. Users can receive direct personal messages from you. Personal messages are still a part of Pinterest, even though they are less important than Facebook and Instagram.

5. Most Importantly, You Can Share Visual Content!

Most Importantly, You Can Share Visual Content

Let’s briefly talk about videos on Pinterest because other stuff is unclear. According to a Pinterest survey, 69% of Pinners, compared to 31% of other social media users, said that watching videos motivates them to take action.

A new uploader and a highlighted video section for various accounts are just two of the new video capabilities that Pinterest has been introducing. For videos, Pinterest is an excellent platform. This is why people think, “is Pinterest social media?”

How Is Pinterest Different From Other Social Media?

So,  is Pinterest social media?

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest might not be primarily built around sustaining interpersonal friendships. As an online platform where users may follow other users, send private messages, participate in group boards, and write comments. Therefore, it does meet the criteria for a social network.

Community development is not Pinterest’s top priority or goal. On Pinterest, you may network and create communities. It isn’t the primary focus. However, Pinterest’s built-in capabilities make it simple to follow your friends, post comments, work together, and join and follow new groups.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-

Pinterest users and non-users have questions like “Is Pinterest social media?” The answers to some of these questions are:

Q1. What Kind Of Site Is Pinterest?

Ans: Pinterest is a website where you can share photographs and images, even some short-form videos as well. This site is mostly populated by artists, who all share their artwork and visual designs here.

Q2. Why Do People Use Pinterest?

Ans: People use Pinterest primarily to see lots of artwork and graphing designs. This is because most content creators on this site are artists and graphic designers. Therefore, if you are in need of graphical ideas and images, this site has it all.

Q3. Can You Watch Videos on Pinterest?

Ans: Yes, you can watch short videos on Pinterest. These videos are of short lengths, similar to popular short-form video-sharing sites like TikTok. In addition, you can share videos in your stories as well, which your followers will be able to see.

Q4. Is Pinterest Still Relevant In 2022?

Ans: Yes, Pinterest is relevant in 2022 as one of the most popular sites to get high-quality images and graphic designs. Many artists and businesses use this website to get new design ideas or even directly contact artists for projects.


To your question, “is Pinterest social media?” – the answer is Yes.

Pinterest provides the ability to collaborate, share films, create communities, and share ideas and information. What social network is Pinterest? That solution is more complicated. The tools to network, participate in communities, exchange messages, follow friends, and develop connections are all available on Pinterest. 

Since Pinterest’s goal is to help people discover, the company’s CEO has claimed that he does not consider the platform to be social media. Some argue it isn’t a social network because its primary goals aren’t to forge connections and spark dialogues. Pinterest shares more similarities with Instagram than it does with Facebook.

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