How To Update A Server In Minecraft: Step By Step Guide 2021

how to update a Minecraft server

There are many incidents when you might have to update a Minecraft server. For instance, it could be that Minecraft is updated.  In such a case, you will have to update your server before any other servers cannot connect.  The good thing though in all this is that the process of updating a Minecraft is not that complicated.  You only need to take time to learn how to update a Minecraft server and that will be it for you.  

However, the fact that this process looks simple does not mean that it is an easy one to carry out. In fact, if you do not know how to carry out this process in the right way then you might find some challenges with it.  That said, this text offers you information on how to update a Minecraft server in case you wish to carry out this process.  

For security purposes, you might need to save all your files before carrying on with this process.  Doing so will make sure that you do not lose your files even as you carry out this process.  However, if you need none of the files you have in your system, you can go ahead and carry on with the update without having to save any file.  

Step 1:

Open the Minecraft server folder, this is the folder that contains all the files to your server.  This process is quite simple to carry out and should not take you a lot of time to complete.  

Step 2 :

Try and create your backup for all your essential configuration files.  If you have some configuration files you wish to keep after the update then better create the backup space for all of them. You can make copies of the files you wish to keep in a different location.  Doing so will help you to restore them once you are done with the update. In fact, when looking for a way on how to update a Minecraft server this is one of the things you need to be so careful about.  

Step 3 :

Once you have done or completed the above process, move ahead and copy your world folder.  Once you have carried out this copy, place it with your backed-up configuration files.  Doing so will enable you to restore them after the update and then later access your saved world.  

Step 4 :

If you prefer to use a script in starting Minecraft make sure you make a copy of it to a different location. Doing so will make it easy for you to make a restoration of it once you start your new server.  

Step 5 :

Make sure you delete everything in the folder. Once you have completed backing up all the essential files you need in a different location, move ahead and delete everything in the Minecraft server.  The reasons for doing this are quite simple, you might be asking why you need to do this when looking for a way on how to delete a server in Minecraft.  

Well deleting all the files in the will help in keeping the older files away.  Once in a while, these files might come to destroy you with your new installation.  This is exactly why you need to try and find a way of getting rid of them before they can cause you any problems.  

Step 6 :

Move ahead and download the server file from Minecraft. Net.  The process of downloading a Minecraft server is not that complicated.  However, for people asking how to update a Minecraft server this process might look a bit complicated.  

Nonetheless, doing this is not that complicated.  All you need to do is visit Minecraft. Net /download to download the file to your operating system. If you are using windows then you can download the EXE file.  

Step 7 :

Once you have downloaded the server file, copy it right to your Minecraft folder.  This procedure is quite simple to carry out and does not take a lot of time.  In fact, if you are done with the previous procedures this one should not take you any longer.  

Step 8 :

Rename the server folder once you have carried out all the previous steps and done so right.  If you are using the script or even the batch files in starting your server, you will need to rename a new server.  The reason for doing this again is also quite simple, it is done with the aim of allowing the other servers to work.  

However, even as you do this, you also need to remove all the version numbers from the new server end with the view of making your old scripts compatible.  If the old scripts are not compatible then that could mean another problem to you.  

Step 9 :

Run the server file, you are almost getting done with this process.  However, before you finish it completely you need to run the server file.  To do this, double-click the new EXE file for you to run the new server for the very first time.  Doing this will also create all the files required for running.  

Step 10 :

Close the server once you have completed this process.  Once all the files have been created the next thing you want to do now is close the server.  

Step 11 :

Restore all the files you had backed up.  To do this, move all these files as well as script and world folder back to the Minecraft server.  

Start your server 

The process of how to update a Minecraft server is now complete and the only thing you need to do next starts your server to continue.  


If you have been asking how to update a Minecraft server then this is the text you need to be reading.  From this text, you are going to find all the essential information you need to carry out this process in the right way to completion.  

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