War Hammer – A Deadly Effective Medieval Weapon

War Hammer

There are some interesting things about weapons, they have come a long way. From the first weapon that was formed back then to know what are some of the best and superior weapons, so much has changed. One of the weapons that played such a critical and decisive role from the then days was a war hammer.

Even though not so much is known about this tool now, it was so useful in the years that came earlier.  For education purposes, it is essential to try and offer as much information on the war harmer as it is possible.  Doing so will help those people who do not know what a war hammer is understood it and get some more information on how it used to work. 

What Is A War Harmer?

What Is A War Harmer

Key to understanding what a war hammer is is being able to define first of all what this weapon is.  Just calling it a weapon is not enough, there are some details that are required to allow people a better understanding of what exactly is meant by a war harmer.  

A war harmer in simple terms is a weapon that was invented a long time ago with the view of fighting battles in an efficient manner.  One of the things that stand out with the war hammer is that the weapon, as it was, offered some kind of efficiency that others could not.  

As such, it was widely preferred by many people who went to war and wanted an elaborate tool to win the battles.  It is the efficiency of the war harmer that gave it an edge over the other tools that were there at that time. The war hammer was not so different from the normal hammer that people know today, these two looked pretty much similar.  

The only difference was that the hammerhead wooden shaft was always reinforced with metal band rivets, unlike the battle harmer. This reinforcement was so essential as it helped or made sure that an opponent did not cut the harmer into two using a sword. This reinforcement made the war hammer such a lethal, brutal, and effective war weapon.  

The War Harmer Development 

The War Harmer Development

The key to understanding the use of the war hammer is knowing when this tool was developed.  The development of the war harmer began back in the 14th century and was a manifestation of advancement in combat protection.  As of this time, the war hammer was one of the best weapons there were thanks to its technological advancements.  

Due to this, many people used this weapon, something that contributed to its immense popularity at that time. Even though swords were some of the widely used weapons during this time, the war hammer stood out as one of the best weapons there was at that time.  

It Was A Perfect Means Of Penetrating New Armor 

It Was A Perfect Means Of Penetrating New Armor

The advancements in the armor of the 14th century necessitated the need to create the best weapons that would counter them.  The longer shafts provided for such a great torquing force as well as a more powerful hit for the two-handed weapons involved.  

The simple metal ball as well as the faceted maces were transformed into big iron flanged heads which came with projecting lungs that became more progressively pointed.  The pointing on these weapons played no other role than crushing the enemy’s helmet as well as body armor

Even though the armor and other forms of helmets were reinforced, the invention of the new harmer proved to be such a reliable way to penetrate them. A proper attempt to do so definitely meant that the harmer would penetrate.  

There Were Some Advancements In The War Hammer Designs 

There Were Some Advancements In The War Hammer Designs

The war hammer weapon and the very best of it was a result of prolonged advancements which sought to make these tools even better. That paid off well as the war hammer tools that came after this advancement was much better and reliable at the same time.  

The main objective or purpose of a war harmer was puncturing. Any advancement that followed in the aftermath of these weapons was intended at making the puncturing process even better. One of the most notable advancements in the era of the war harmer was the making of the two areas fierce.  

These improvements on this weapon made the war hammer such a reliable tool that could strike from the back to the front. Fighting using this weapon gave the fighters such incredible power that allowed them to win battles with ease especially when fighting. As a result of these weapons, so many battles were won but again it also led to an improvement and advancements in the nature of armor that people used to protect themselves against this weapon.  

The War Harmer Similar To Other Forms Of Harmer In Europe? 

The War Harmer Similar To Other Forms Of Harmer In Europe

Those people that never saw the war hammer have had so many questions to ask.  For instance, one of the questions that people asked back then even now has been was the war harmer similar to the other types of the harmers that were there back then. The answer to that question is a simple one, no it was not and the reasons for that are quite simple.  

A war harmer was specifically for war purposes and that meant the kind of advancements that came in was aimed at making this weapon more lethal. Even though there were other harmers that served a purpose similar to this one, the war harmer stood out as the best there was. For penetration purposes and especially on tough armor, the war harmer was such a reliable tool.  


The war warmer was in some ways a better tool than even a cold steel harmer. It was more advanced and made the process of fighting much easier. The advancement of this harmer meant that it delivered some form of accuracy that other weapons could not manage.  

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